Decorative Nautical Fencing

The Save Ocean Beach Group is looking into the placement of Nautical Fencing along the Parking Lot between the paved portion and the grassy portion of the parking lot. This tentative work is to start in the Fall of 2021.

Utility poles have been acquired and are presently stockpiled for use for this project. The utility poles will be cut into 6-foot lengths. 3-feet will be placed in the ground and 3-feet will be exposed. The utility poles will be spaced approximately 10 feet apart. Assistance to be provided from the New London Public Works Highway Department to install the poles.

The utility poles will be decorated by Save Ocean Beach Volunteers with rope wrapped around the upper portion of the poles and also rope will be strung between them. There will also be locations for exit and entry points into the grassy parking area from the paved area.

The length of the Nautical Fencing is about 400-feet long spanning from the Main Gate to the Naturewalk. This would require approximately 40 posts to be installed. The Nautical Fencing will assist in beautifying this portion of the Parking Lot. The sketch and pictures provided is a representation of the