Nautical Theme for Pool Area Border

The location for the project spans from the Pool area towards the Waterpark and it is roughly a 200 foot stretch for that section.  The location for the project by the Boardwalk along the Swimming Pool was neglected.  The area contained bushes that were ravaged by effects of Winter storms blowing sand into the bushes damaging them and the area was unsightly in its present state.

 The Save Ocean Beach Group came up with an idea for that location.  Park Staff removed the damage bushes to ready the area for the Save Ocean Beach Group to work on the project.  The Save Ocean Beach Group worked on the location along the Boardwalk by the Pool to create a Nautical Theme in that area.

 The Save Ocean Beach Group installed Decorative Piers with driftwood, rope and buoys.  They have also constructed a Lobster Pot decoration near the Playscape Area for this project. 

 The Save Ocean Beach Group also installed some decorative stones and in the future, perhaps the Group may install some beach grasses to create a maintenance-free area between the Boardwalk and the pool wall.  This improvement will enhance the Visitors and Patrons experience that walk the Boardwalk and visit the Park.