Nature Trail/Overlook

In 1999 Save Ocean Beach developed plans for a Nature Trail along Alewife Cove.  As part of the vision for the Nature Trail, construction of an Observation Platform was begun and completed in 2002, allowing visitors to look out over the lower portion of the beach and across Long Island Sound.   

The following year Save Ocean Beach installed a portion of the Naturewalk Trail called the Gateway Garden beginning at Highland Avenue and continuing to an area near today's waterslide.   In 2004 13 trees were planted within the Gateway Garden area, funded by a grant from America the Beautiful.   Many are flowering trees creating a beautiful walkway for a warm spring day.

Later in 2012 a Connector Trail (the longest portion of the Naturewalk Trail) was installed connecting the Observation Platform to the Gateway Garden section of the Nature Trail.  That same year an Osprey Platform was installed along the Naturewalk Trail.     

Visitors to the beach are now able to walk the length of the park along Alewife Cove and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Cove and continue up onto the Observation Platform where they are afforded a view of the sparkling waters of Long Island Sound.   

Save Ocean Beach continues to maintain the Naturewalk Trail and Observation Platform for all to enjoy.